Heading off headaches.

Except for head colds, headaches are the most common human ailment. In fact, headaches beat out backaches as the number-one cause of time lost from work. Approximately three out of every four people will have at least one headache within the year. Some headaches like migraines, are caused by a disturbance of brain chemicals calledRead More

Massage for Back Ache

A NEW STUDY indicates that massage therapy, or a traditional form of bodywork, can be more beneficial than medication, back exercises or physical therapy, which are the usual ways the health-care system treats low-back pain. A study team at the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle divided 401 patients into three groups: one group receivedRead More


Do you seem to be tired all the time, even after you’ve had a full night’s sleep? Do you feel stiff every morning? Do you ache all over? Do you get frequent headaches? These symptoms could be the result of stress. However, if you experience these feelings over a long period of time, it couldRead More

Massage and Cellular Support

Science Daily reports (2-1-12) that researchers at McMaster University found that a ten-minute massage reverses inflammation. The researchers assessed the exercise capacity of 11 men in their early 20s. Two weeks later, each subject bicycled to the point of exhaustion for over 70 minutes. As each subject rested, a therapist lightly applied massage oil toRead More