Vince's Unique and Effective Concentrated 100% Natural Formulations

After using essential oils since early 90’s for therapeutic purposes, the industry has exploded with new companies. Unfortunately since this is an unregulated industry many companies are selling substandard oils, which may not be therapeutic and /or worse outright dangerous. Even to a connoisseur, the only reliable way to confirm quality is through chemistry. Luckily there are a handful of companies that are reputable, and we can help you navigate through all the choices.

As a naturopath and herbalist, Vince has developed unique and proven formulations that his clients have requested as a compliment to therapy for home use.

In addition to Vince’s unique formulas we also carry single and or mixed formulations from pranarom chemo-typed organic essential oils. If you’d like to purchase one or more products call us today at 514-683-8333. You may pick up products at clinic or have them shipped to you for a small shipping fee

Nasal Congestion Formula* 10mL


Instant relief from nasal congestion! A must for every medicine cabinet!

Unlike cortisone sprays that are addictive and don’t work after a few days of use, known as the rebound effect. This natural product created by Vince consists of over 15 different oils sourced from different parts of the world. While its 100% natural it’s also very strong. Just dap one or two drops of oil onto a q-tip and swirl in each nostril. This highly effective oil has only been available to my private clients until now. This oil can also be used as prevention for catching colds or to protect you when around sick people.

*Keep away from children and pets. Keep away from your eyes and open wounds.

Sciatic Muscle Oil* 10mL


This formula was created while working on clients with severe sciatic pain. As a compliment to treatments adding 5-15 drops of this concentrated oil to a carrier oil of your choice on your lower back, hip and upper leg to help you recover faster.

Can also be used as a general pain reliever.

*Keep away from children and pets. Keep away from your eyes and open wounds.

Muscle Cream* 50mL


This muscle cream has been a favourite over the years simply dam a small amount on painful area and massage for 2-3 min. This particular formula has a slight warming effect.

*Keep away from children and pets. Keep away from your eyes and open wounds.